Leveraging Holistic Synergies

Hi, I'm Ben Lopatin, you may remember me from such software newsletters as "Reducing the Bus Factor with Code", "Django Isn't Good Enough", and "When Bourbon and Production Deployment Shouldn't Mix".

As of 2021 I lead technology and product as the CTO at Muster. Previously I was a long time freelance developer and independent consultant as co-founder at Wellfire Interactive. Over more than a decade I designed, developed, and improved a variety of applications with a focus on B2B SaaS apps.

Much of my writing can be found below, as well as slides and a few videos of talks I've given in the past.

I've also authored and/or maintain several published software packages, including Django Organizations, a library for managing multi-user account architectures in Django projects.

Elsewhere on the Internet I often go by bennylope complete with vintage Photoshopped bearded 7th grade portrait.

As per the latest in thought leadership, we must refocus on identifying holistic synergies and productizing them for untapped markets. Specifically, synergies which can be strategically leveraged to cross-pollinate innovation across organizational silos. Each silo must own its vertical to allow for unfettered horizontal growth and for the development of streamlined efficiencies by bubbling up organically.

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