Leveraging Holistic Synergies

Automated linting with flake8 and pre-commit hooks

Clean code does not make code good, but it certainly makes writing good code a lot easier. And it's far easier to read clean code, easier to debug, to reason about, and easier to maintain. Which all of course means happier developers and faster development cycles - at least in the long run.

One of the prime tools for maintaining clean code is a linter, a tool that checks code for basic style problems. I've found the Python tool flake8 incredibly helpful, especially its combination of linting (too many lines!), static analysis (unused imports!), and complexity analysis (too many code branches in a function!). It doesn't guarantee good code, but it makes the basics much easier and in the end contributes to better code.

It's easy enough to run the program, but it gives better feedback when used directly in an editor, e.g. through a vim plugin, or a Git pre-commit hook, checking for issues before committing them. On team projects it's easier to focus first on the pre-commit hook, leaving the choice of editor configuratio to each developer.

The flake8 tool actually has a feature to support this, however in this case it turns out to be a bit more than necessary, and simultaneously not flexible enough. The tool installs a Python script as your pre-commit hook - you can have only one - and it uses some additional configuration just for the hook. This is unnecessary because we've already got flake8 configuration in our tox.ini project file, and not flexible enough because I want to add more than just flake8 checks to the pre-commit hook.

The solution is a simple bash script that explicitly returns an error code (1) for flake8 issues and reports them to the user.

Here's a stripped down example.

#!/usr/bin/env sh


# flake8
FLAKE_ERRORS=$( $VIRTUAL_ENV/bin/flake8 app | tee )
if  [[ $FLAKE_ERRORS ]]; then
    echo "$FLAKE_ERRORS"

# check for livereload tags
if grep -r "livereload" app/templates; then
    echo "\nFound livereload scripts in template builds! Remove these before commiting"


After setting up an exit code variable, the script runs flake8 using the current virtual environment on the designated app directory. The full script comes with instructions for adding an explicit path for this variable. The script as-is works great for CLI users, but for GUI Git interfaces like SourceTree you need to provide the full path.

flake8 doesn't return an exit code if there are any errors in the code found, so we need to raise that ourselves. We save this to a variable rather than raise immediately so that we can finish all of the linting and report all issues before exiting.

Now the script runs additional linting checks, like this one to ensure that a script added by a helper application isn't accidentally committed. Additional scripts here might include JSLint, JSHint, or even build steps that you want carried out in the event some code is updated.

Again, these checks won't make your code good but they will help your team maintain reasonable standards and keep everyone sane.

Originally published 2015-03-27