Leveraging Holistic Synergies

'How' trumps 'hope'

Hope helped both a presidential campaign and a fictional galactic rebellion succeed, with varying degrees of credit. We refer quite reasonably to a situation being "hopeless" as a bad thing. Hope or the lack thereof can be the difference between failure and success, even death and survival.

Yet in the way we commonly use the word and engage with hope it too becomes a weasel word, a soft feather bed strung perilously over an abyss.

'Hope' becomes a prayer to some unnamed [and impotent] god that absolves us of the need to figure things out and take directed action. It's not that hope is itself a problem, but without a "how" it's blind surrender to someone else's throw of the dice.

Hope may be the glue that holds your strategy together, but only how makes up the building blocks.

This is written as a reminder to myself and not an indictment of anyone else.

Originally published 2021-10-30